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Family and welfare

2007 is the European year of equal opportunities, evidence of the importance that the European Union attaches to people’s rights and measures against discrimination. Such an initiative fits within the European Union’s actions to reach social policy objectives and contribute to the development of an innovative and sustainable European model...

Justice And Security

The European Union has created an area of freedom, security and justice common to all Member States covering various fields: fundamental rights, EU citizenship, free movement of persons, asylum and immigration, visa policy, management of external borders, cooperation between authorities and police, judiciary and customs on Member States.

Rights and freedoms

The Treaty of Rome launched the process of European integration. The Treaty of Maastricht resulted in the European Union and put the citizen at the centre of the integration process. With the Treaty of Amsterdam, the conditions of the relationship and complementarity between the national and EU citizenship were defined...

Health and wellbeing

The European Commission adopted a new programme in the area of health and consumer protection for the period 2007-2014. The programme includes three action lines: tackle health threats in an efficient way, contribute to the prevention of diseases and promote co-operation between health systems

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