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Art and culture

Cultural industries are important sources of jobs and income providing employment to around seven million people in Europe. The European Union supports numerous different art and culture initiatives, promoting programmes in aid of the culture industries and encouraging them to take up the opportunities offered by the single market and by digital technology.

Environment and nature

“Environment 2010: Our future, our choice” is the title of the EU’s new environmental plan. The plan concentrates on the crucial aspects of climate change, global warming, natural habitat, wildlife, the environment and health, natural resources and the handling of rubbish…


Tourism is a driving industry with high potential to create new jobs in the Union. During the 2006 conference of the European Tourism Ministers, a new strategy was introduced to promote and coordinate EU countries as tourist destinations in a more efficient way…

Moving aboard

Moving to another EU country to study or work poses no problem. There are nearly 4 million Italians living abroad, as reported by a survey carried out by EURISPES in 2005. It examined in particular 1,944,526 families, the majority of whom were residing in other European countries... 

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